iJoy Tank Sub Ohm Tanks

ijoy tank is one of the most popular brands of sub ohm vaping tanks in the market. This is because of their high-quality products and innovative designs. There are various kinds of tanks that you can choose from, including the Mystique Mesh, EXO XL, Diamond, and Katana Sub-Ohm tanks.


iJoy has taken vaping to the next level with their latest creation, the Mystique Mesh Sub-Ohm Tank. This device combines a mesh based atomizer head with a modern disposable design. Featuring dual airflow slots, a 3ml juice capacity and a transparent finish, this is one vaping system you will not want to miss out on. Unlike most disposables, the Mystique Mesh does not require any special maintenance, as it is designed to last a lifetime.

The Mystique Mesh boasts a pair of sub-ohm sized tanks, a mesh based atomizer head, an impressive 2ml/3ml e-juice capacity, and a top fill system. The tank is a solid performer, as it can handle a heavy load without a hitch. Besides, the tank has a unique silicone stopper that prevents leaks while also allowing you to top off your juices. The Mystique Mesh has a slew of other high-end features as well, including a transparent finish, a removable drip tip, and a replaceable pyrex glass tank. As with most iJoy vape kits, the Mystique Mesh is a great value. The Mystique Mesh comes in three (3) packs. You may also be interested to know that the Mystique Mesh is compatible with all of iJoy’s popular line of e-cigarettes, including the IJOY Mystique, the Mystique Lite, and the Mystique Original.

Katana Sub Ohm Tank

iJoy Katana Sub Ohm Tank has a simple but effective design and functions. The mesh wire coils that come with this atomizer deliver great flavor and vapor production. It also comes with a top fill system.

This atomizer can accommodate several types of mesh coils. There are KM (mesh wire) coils, DM-M2 mesh coils, and KM1 mesh coils. It also has a dual bottom velocity style airflow for optimal cloud production and flavor.

This tank is one of the best sub-ohm tanks on the market. It also has a sleek and modern design. It comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is also available in resin and acrylic. It can hold up to 5.5mL of e-liquid. The tank also has a slide-n-fill top cap for easy refilling.

It is powered by a 3000mAh battery. It has six modes and a 0.91 inch OLED screen. It also has a 510 connection and a USB port. It can fire up to 81W. It also features a threaded top fill and ceramic atomizing core.

The iJoy Katana Sub-Ohm Tank can be purchased in a variety of colors and styles. It is the perfect addition to vaping systems that focus on performance. It is ideal for those who want to experience the base tones of flavors while enjoying dense clouds. The sub-ohm tank is the central focus of vaporization, and it represents a key pivot in the vaporization process. It is also an excellent choice for mouth to lung vapers. It comes with a 4.0ml spare glass reservoir tank.

The iJoy Katana sub-ohm tank is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy the base tones of a variety of flavors while also experiencing dense clouds.

Avenger Sub Ohm Tank

iJoy Avenger sub ohm tank is a high-performance tank with impressive build quality and attractive appearance. It features an X3-mesh pre-made coil system and adjustable bottom airflow. This tank has a 4.7ml e-juice reservoir and comes with an extra bubble glass tube. It also comes with an 18650 adapter.

It’s compatible with a variety of X3 coils. Some of the X3 coils include the DM-C2M, DM-C1M, and DM-DM. They are rated between 0.4 and 1.0 ohms and are able to provide you with pure flavor and vapor production.

The Avenger mod has a solid gold-plated 510 connection, and it features a wide bore drip tip. The iJoy brand is also printed on a removable drip tip. It is also available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, purple, red, and silver.

The Avenger mod is powered by two 20700 batteries, and it has an impressive wattage of 234W. It also has a large, bright OLED display screen, and a side fire button. The mod is also TCR enabled. It can achieve this power output with minimal firing delay.

The iJoy Avenger tank has a rebuildable base, and it’s compatible with a variety of x3 series coil heads. It comes with a spare 0.35 ohm coil. It’s also made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, and it is available in a variety of colors. It comes with a 6 month warranty.

The iJoy Avenger sub -ohm tank is a visually striking 25mm top-fill tank. It features dual adjustable airflow slots and a 4.7ml e-juice capacity. It also has a threaded top fill system. It’s made of a proprietary wicking material. It can be used with a wide range of atomizers, and the paint finish is resistant to scratches.

EXO XL Sub-Ohm Tank

iJoy EXO XL Sub-Ohm Tank is a bit of a departure from its predecessor, the Limitless XL. The big change is the inclusion of a ‘XL’ bracing system built into the tank reservoir. This allows the unit to accommodate sub-ohm vaping with ease. This atomizer also features an adjustable airflow control system and 3 fully featured RTA decks.

The IJOY EXO XL Sub-Ohm tank is a 5 ml e-liquid capacity machine. It’s a large tank, but the design doesn’t sacrifice portability. The mod has a built-in 510 drip tip adapter, and the tank is a sturdy glass construction. It comes in a range of stylish colors, including blue and gold.

The XL-C4 and XL-C2 pre-installed coils are rated for 80 and 215 watts, respectively. They are also the best in their respective class when it comes to heating performance. The XL-C2 has a resistance of 0.3 ohms and is rated for lower wattages, while the XL-C4 has a resistance of 0.15 ohms and is rated to produce 215 watts.

The IJoy EXO XL sub-ohm tank is an improvement over its predecessor, and is definitely worth considering if you’re on the lookout for a new mod. Despite its size, it still manages to pack a punch. It’s a great way to wring the most juice out of your battery, and it comes with a slew of useful features, including a rotary refill design and a handy o-ring replacement kit. The mod also has a built-in replacement glass section.

The iJoy EXO xL Sub-ohm tank is also a good option for users of larger mods, as the large diameter of the device makes it easier to accommodate larger e-liquid bottles.

Diamond Sub Ohm Tank

iJoy Diamond Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer is a stylish and classy device that delivers a great vaping experience. This device features an easy top off, a DM coil system, and a wide bore 810 resin drip tip. It also has a 5.5ml e-juice capacity, which is perfect for traveling. Designed with a stylish diamond design, the iJoy Diamond Sub Ohm tank offers quality vape clouds and a comfortable grip.

The iJoy Diamond Sub Ohm tanks uses a new DM coil system that provides faster heating and uniform characteristics. It has a 0.15 ohm coil head rated at 40 to 90W.

The iJoy Diamond sub ohm tank also features two large fill ports. One is a threaded top fill system that reduces positive internal pressure, while the other is a bubble glass tube for adjustable juice capacity. Designed to last, the Diamond sub ohm tank is made of stainless steel and Pyrex glass, making it durable and resistant to corrosion. The iJoy Diamond tank is available in a variety of glossy finishes.

The iJoy Diamond tank is compatible with the full line of iJoy DM Coils. It also includes a 0.15 ohm mesh coil, which gives more surface area for improved vapor production and flavor.

The iJoy Diamond Mini Mod has a diamond-inspired design and is powered by high amp 18650 batteries. It has a micro USB charging port and a detailed interface that allows you to customize settings and switch between modes. The device also features a large OLED display screen.

The iJoy Diamond 25mm Sub-Ohm Tank is a great contender in the sub-ohm tank market. Its durable construction and dual adjustable airflow slots make it a great choice for the beginner to intermediate vaper.

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